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Torlak Family
Our company has been in the cornerstones of the sector with its services in Istanbul for more than 15 years. The customer satisfaction of our company, which combines the high model vehicles in our fleet with the economical medium and luxury vehicle options with and without driver services, has formed the basis of our success. In order to provide you with the best service at all times, our company, which constantly renews its vehicle fleet and increases the number of vehicles in every brand and model, provides 24/7 phone support, is at the service of our valued guests with both car rental at the address and technical support. All the vehicles in our fleet are routinely maintained, checked, and tire changes are made completely, and our vehicles, which are ready for rent, are presented to our valued guests.

To be the most preferred and most efficient car rental company focused on customer satisfaction in the regions it serves.

To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction; is to give you the full value of the service you receive while providing fast, reassuring, enjoyable, technology-based and easily accessible car rental service.

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